Older, the sequel to TV’s Younger, finds the characters five years later, with our heroine Liza deciding between New York and LA, an old love and a new one, her fictional younger life and owning her true age and her real life. Liza may be older, but will she ever grow up? Fans of the show will be interested in the audiobook of Older, narrated by Sutton Foster.

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Younger is the story of a 40ish suburban mom trying to return to work after raising her only child. When no one will give her a job, she pretends to be younger and ends up with a job as an assistant at a publishing company, a 26-year-old boyfriend, and a whole new life.

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The Possibility of You

The Possibility of You is the story of three women at three key moments of the past century; it’s received the Wisconsin Library Association’s Outstanding Literary Achievement award. Learn more at the Possibility of You website.

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The Man I Should Have Married

My first novel started with the title and grew from there. When Kennedy’s marriage falls apart, she searches through her past for the man she should have married. Will finding the love of her life free her to start over?

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Babes In Captivity

One dark and stormy night, Deirdre confesses to her moms’ group friends that she hates her husband. A chain of other confessions, and changes, rocks their relationships and their world.

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Stella and Mary Jean were best friends, until Stella ran off to Hollywood and Mary Jean settled down with the local cop. Now they’re together again, picking up right where they left off. Or are they?

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The Home For Wayward Supermodels

The fastest-paced and most fun of my novels, this is the story of a Cinderella supermodel who discovers both the high life and the value of her northern Wisconsin home.

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