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Rabid: Are You Crazy About Your Dog Or Just Crazy?

Rabid, a look at our over-the-top dog culture, is the Jon Stewart of dog books, or maybe the Rin Tin Tin of people books. An illustrated survey of everything from doggy tutus to the history of canine worship.

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30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Know

Based on the infamous Glamour List, with an introduction and essay (as well as the original list) by me and contributions by amazing women from Taylor Swift to Liz Smith. And since Glamour has disappeared my byline and the original list, you can read it here.

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The Observer

My column for the Observer, The A Word, cast a wry eye on everything age-related – old, young, and the dreaded in-between..

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The New York Times

‘Inspiration Lives on Where Writers Dwelled’

I love visiting writers’ houses, standing in the very room where Jane Austen wrote Sense & Sensibility or Mark Twain balanced writing and family.

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The Daily Beast

How Macha Are You?

I’ve written several pieces for The Daily Beast. This one is an investigation of the New Machisma..

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